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The MySQL database server offers the best performance in terms of load scalability (increase). It is capable of managing embedded applications without using more than one MB of memory, similar to the warehouses of large scale databases which contain several terabytes of information. Platform flexibility is one of SQL's strong points; it runs on all versions of Linux, UNIX or Windows. And, of course, the Open Source nature of MySQL enables complete personalization for users who wish to add specific functionalities to a database server.

MySQL has an exceptional capacity to launch quickly; the time needed to install this software after uploading is no more than 15 minutes. This applies equally well for Microsoft Windows as it does for Linux, Macintosh or UNIX. Once installation is complete, MySQL's automatic management functionality - automatic scalability, automatic rebooting and dynamic configuration changes - save a lot of work for administrators of already installed databases.

MySQL contains both a complete suite of graphic management and migration tools that enable database administrators to manage, repair and control the functioning of several MySQL servers from one workstation. Several third-party software providers now provide tools for MySQL capable of managing tasks ranging from data creation and ETL to complete database administration, from task management to performance surveillance.

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