Linux Hosting

The Linux platform, derived from UNIX systems, has become a standard in hosting solutions. Other than the fact that Linux does not require any software licenses, and as a result, the cost of acquiring a Linux server is considerably lower, the Linux platform is globally recognized for its stability.

Linux is very adaptable and has several advantages worth mentioning. It fully supports Internet standards such as the TCP/IP protocols, the family of protocols used on the Internet.

Another advantage of Linux is its increased security, thanks to the transparency of its source code and the proactive community that announces vulnerabilities. The firewalling of memory and disk space coupled with careful access management enables administrators to manage a large number of users with minimal risk.

The Linux environment enables us to get the maximum use of our servers. It also minimizes the inevitable incidents which are caused by Web applications. Linux is therefore a way to install an affordable server that enables us to offer Hosting solutions at very affordable prices.

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Our packages are established based on the use you intend for your web site. Disk space, monthly bandwidth use, the number of mailboxes and the backend technologies used are the main factors in the determination of our competitively priced packages. Hosting of a simple web site costs as little as 5$ a month.