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Expecting visitors?
Give them a very warm welcome

At 514 Hosting, we try to be the perfect host. In fact, the most important value to us is hospitality. We provide you with low-cost and safe space for your data and all your Web needs so that your web site is opened for business at all times. We make sure that everyone's visit is as pleasant as it is productive.

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We are demanding.
We accept no compromise on quality

Being affordable and attentive should not mean a lesser quality. With 514 Hosting, you gain access to the most important Canadian Web backbone. Contrary to ordinary resellers, we own our server and have configured it optimally for ColdFusion users and hosting of MySQL databases.

Icône près de vous

We know the road you travel

Large hosting providers are too often disconnected from the reality of small businesses. 514 Hosting was specifically created to meet the needs of that type of business. Whether you are self-employed, run a SME or a non-profit organization, we will provide you with the tools and support required for your success.

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A thoughtful host knows your needs

Most hosting providers are content with selling you disk space. We offer you solutions because we take the time to understand the challenges you face. Doing business with us begins with a conversation, not a financial transaction.

icône demandez-nous

Ask and you shall receive

We at 514 Hosting, are attentive to our customers' needs. All the solutions included in our packages were developed in response to your needs. You have specific needs? Simply ask and we will do everything to meet them.

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Go where people know your name

Contrary to most Web hosting providers, we know our customers on a first name basis. When they call, we run to them. We also help them in better knowing their visitors. That's also what being a good host means.

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Our packages are established based on the use you intend for your web site. Disk space, monthly bandwidth use, the number of mailboxes and the backend technologies used are the main factors in the determination of our competitively priced packages. Hosting of a simple web site costs as little as 5$ a month.