Frequently asked questions


  1. >Are there security restrictions with regards to the use of PHP?

    Obviously, there needs to be. PHP is configured to run in Safe Mode in order to preserve your data (see same question regarding MySQL).

  2. >What functional restrictions does this imply?

    With regards to a normal and average use of PHP and MySQL, there are no restrictions. However, certain advanced file manipulations are restricted by the Safe Mode. Those of you used to a very restrictive Safe Mode can move up and down in your arborescence, use includes at all levels, in short benefit from PHP's functionalities at 99.99%. Please consult the online documentation on PHP at to learn more about the restrictions related to the Safe Mode.

  3. >What are the limitations pertaining to databases?

    A database can be as large as 100 Mb and support as many as 12 simultaneous connections.

  4. >How are the disk space quotas managed?

    In the event of an overflow of your disk space quota, you will no longer be able to upload files to your account. You can simply proceed to a little cleanup of your files or upgrade your service package: there are no dramatic consequences.

  5. >How is the monthly bandwidth usage calculated?

    At 514 Hosting, the notion of bandwidth usage is measured only for reference purposes. This does not mean, however, that there are no limitations. Hosting consists in sharing the resources between the customers. It is thus crucial to ensure the proper cohabitation of al the customers. To achieve this, 514 Hosting oversees the respect of its policies in order to prevent the abuse of its resources. No customer of 514 Hosting, from the smallest to the largest, will be billed for the excess of bandwidth they use, as long as they react to our messages. If a phenomenal growth in the traffic to your site should occur, we will invite you to upgrade your service package or to consider a dedicated server solution which allows for very generous bandwidth usage.

    Please note that 514 Hosting reserves the right to limit the accesses in the case of hosting policies violations at all times, and this to ensure the best possible service.

  6. >What happens if I exceed the bandwidth allowance included in my service package?

    We bill the excess traffic at 2$ per month for every exceeding portion of 200 Mb and 8$ per month for each portion of 1 Gb.

  7. >Why are most of your servers running Unix?

    The Unix platform is becoming an industry standard for hosting services. Besides the fact it does not require exploitation lisences, thus sensibly reducing the acquisition cost of a server, it is also recognized for its stability. This environment allows us to fully exploit the capacity of our servers. It also reduces any possible incidents related to running Web applications.

  8. >My computer is running Windows and your servers are running Linux, will this pose a problem with regards to being hosted by 514 Hosting?

    This poses absolutely no problem, all you need to do is upload your creations to your dedicated server space and your site will appear exactly as it does on your computer. Most hosts on the market run their servers under Linux for safety and reliability purposes.

    All you will need is a FTP client software to transfer your creations. Here are some URLs that can help if you don't already own such software.

    Transmit for Mac OS X

    Fetch for Mac OS 9

    WS FTP for PC

    FileZilla Open Source for PC

    Microsoft Internet Explorer can also be used as a FTP but only under Windows XP. His functions are limited compared to specialized FTP software, but it really works well for simple transfers.

  9. >I've created my site using a PHP portal such as PHPNUKE or XOOPS, can I still be hosted on your servers?

    Using PHP portals (PHPNUKE, XOOPS, etc.) is strongly discouraged, because they require important server resources and are therefore not compatible with the services we offer. Thus, we cannot host your site.


  1. >My site is already referenced on several directories and search engines. Do I need to repeat the process if I transfer my site to a 514 Hosting server?

    Don't worry, transferring your site to our servers will in no way affect your positioning in directories and search engines. Your domain name will redirect all requests to our server.


  1. >Can I change my service package at any time?

    It is possible. We will deduct the price of your previous service package from the cost of your new one to the temporized prorata of the remaining months in your contract.

  2. >What are the payment methods available to me?

    You can pay by credit card (Master Card, Visa, Amex), PayPal or cheque.

  3. >Is my subscription automatically renewed?

    We automatically renew your subscription so that you don't run the risk of losing it.

  4. >If I cancel my subscription, will you refund the excess payment for the months used?

    Yes, we will refund you for the months you haven't used. For example, if you cancel your subscription with four months remaining in your contract, we will refund you for the price of four months usage. However, please not that the domain name registration fees will not be refunded.

  5. >I am a reseller, what solutions do you offer me?

    We do not currently have reseller solutions to offer. We are, however, working on such a package and should be able to offer one in the coming months.

wrenchService & Support

  1. >I own a domain name, if I transfer my business to your servers, can you manage my domain name?

    Yes. If you own your domain name, we will completely take charge of managing it and it will redirect requests to your web site. We are not a domain name registrar; we only manage the technical part of your domain, the DNS, on our servers. This allows you to keep dealing with the domain name registrar where your domain name is registered.

    We provide your account's DNS parameters or the IPs related to the various services: HTTP (www), POP (POP3) et FTP.

  2. >How can I cancel a service?

    To cancel or close a service, you must send a notice by fax (+1 514-256-4534) or email and specify your services identifier and your domain name. This notice must be sent 30 days in advance. If you have signed a contract with a minimum engagement clause in order to obtain pricing benefits, you cannot cancel before the end of this minimal engagement period.

  3. >Is it possible to make monthly payments?

    No. Our prices are competitive because we offer annual contracts. Moreover, domain name are only available for one year periods, therefore making monthly payments would pose serious management issues. You can however make two equal payments with no additional costs by sending two cheques: the first cheque will be deposited upon reception and the second thirty days later.

  4. >My payment is late. Will you cancel my account?

    No. At the end of your trial period, we grant you a period of one week. Beyond that week, we will suspend your account while preserving all your files and databases for an undetermined period of time. When we estimate that there is no longer any hope of receiving a payment from you, we will terminate your account completely and your files well be destroyed.